#aSingleStep: How a student group banned styrofoam

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a difference? How to begin to fight for something you care about?

It’s a thought that paralyzes millions of people every day. Where do I start? How do I start? And it has a very simple solution: take a single step…

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Planting Trees for the Forest: Zambia Festival of Action

Remember being 13?

Remember that post-bat/bar mitzvah, pre-learner’s permit stage? For many it is a sacred time when the burgeoning quest for freedom is satiated by a hand-me-down bike: its rusted wheels and faulty brakes merely a cosmetic issue.

Most of the kids I knew spent their last summer before high school beginning their path […]

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3 Sites That are Changing the Way We Go Green

Your alarm brings your out of your slumber as you roll out of bed. You lumber over to the bathroom where you brush your teeth and hop in the shower. After you’ve, dressed, coffeed and packed your lunch you are ready to go. All in all, this took about 30 minutes. Do you […]

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Presidential Candidate’s Views on Climate Change: A Simple Guide

Politics are scary. A few weeks ago I was having dinner with friends, and one of them said “In polite conversation, there are three topics you need to steer clear of: sex, religion, and politics.” Good advice. However, with the upcoming national conventions this summer, and the election in November, it is becoming […]

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The “V” Word: Life as a Bacon-Loving Vegetarian

I’m a vegetarian.  

Cue the collective eye roll, and the pause as you wait for me to lecture you on the atrocities of the meat industry, and the benefits of “clean living,” now that I’ve taken this selfless, meatless, tasteless road. And here we go…. just kidding!

If it comes up in conversation, people […]

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What’s the story behind Captain Planet?

When the dream of a 60’s hippie dressed up in 80’s gear was created, what was going on in the producer’s minds? Why couldn’t they have created another brooding, angry superhero whose parents died in a tragic accident that he must avenge? Why not make another biochemically-mutated creature who started as an underdog […]

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Our Greatest Resource

Two days ago, I feared for my life in a way that reverberated back to the genes of my Neanderthal ancestors. Opening up my back door to a wind that had lost its senses and a flash of lightning followed by a commanding boom of thunder, I paused as a fear gripped me […]

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New Collaborations in 2016: Greenpop and Friends of Usambara Society

For the first time, the African Rainforest Conservancy (ARC) is collaborating with Greenpop and Friends of Usambara Society to expand our reach on the African continent and fund new programs. 

Greenpop is a Cape Town-based social enterprise. They plant trees, spread environmental awareness, […]

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25th Annual Artists for Africa Benefit: How did we get here?

Artists for Africa is the story of a group of New Yorkers, who have made possible the conservation of 3,000 sq km of African rainforest by raising over $1 million over the last 25 years. If not for this annual benefit much of the forest in the Eastern Arc Mts would probably be […]

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Doing something for #EarthDay2016 this year? 

Here is something you can do. Consider becoming a sponsor!

Did you follow the Paris Climate Talks this past fall? I don’t think that I’m being overly dramatic when I say that global warming is likely mankind’s greatest existential threat. The role of rainforests in turning the tide against climate change is undeniable. The African Rainforest […]

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