The ARC has partnered with TFCG to plant over 15 million trees. These trees are used for firewood and timber, which allows the old growth forests of the Eastern Arc to remain standing.
Approximately 5,000 households have switched to high-efficiency stoves through the ARC-TFCG partnership; these stoves reduce household wood consumption by up to 50% when compared to the traditional three-stone stove that is common in Tanzania.
By providing training on agroforestry and tree planting, farmers have been given the skills and resources to plant over a million trees. In some villages up to 86% of households have planted tree crops.
Through ARC’s partnership with TFCG, over 200 primary and secondary schools now have environmental education as part of their core curriculum; many of these schools also run tree nurseries onsite, providing educational opportunities for students and income for rural schools.
The ARC supports alternative enterprises to illegal logging and charcoal production, like fishponds, beekeeping, and butterfly farming to enable people to support themselves and their families through sustainable income activities that leverage renewable natural resources.
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ARC works to conserve and restore African Rainforests - among the oldest and most biodiverse in the world.
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