In January 2015, the ARC visited the Udzungwa Mountains with Francis Fanuel, the Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG) Project Coordinator for the Udzungwa Scarp Forest Reserves (USFR). He gave us a tour of this incredibly biodiverse area that is in crisis right now due to illegal logging, hunting, and wildfires. Additional resources are urgently needed to halt further loss of biodiversity in the Udzungwa Mountains! Thus we have come up with the idea for a Coffee Fund; instead of having that latte every morning, donate $5 a day for 20 days to #SaveUdzungwaScarp!

Please see the attached documents below (proposal and budget) for more detailed information on this project. *Please note that the budget is in Tanzanian Shillings, 1 TZS = 0.00046 USD)*