Canopy Chronicles: The Kikomolela Health Clinic

Women’s health as a catalyst for conservation
About the Project
In the rural village of Kikomolela, Tanzania, ARC is partnering with community members to build a health clinic  that will provide medical services to nearly 2,500 people, one-third of which are children. This village is almost seven kilometers from any other medical center in the area, and […]

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Artist Spotlight: Alison M. Jones

As part of our Artist Spotlight series, we introduce you this month to conservation photographer Alison M. Jones who has contributed to the Artists for Africa benefit for the past six years. You can also view past Artist Spotlights of Gerald ForsterChris DeiCyril Christo and Marie WilkinsonSusanna Noel JollyCarlo Mari, and 

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Greenhouse Gives Back this Thursday: Proceeds to Benefit ARC!

Weren’t able to attend our Summer Party in the Concrete Jungle at Greenhouse last month? Or, want to do it all over again? Come out on Thursday, August 18th from 10pm-4am for the first ever GREENHOUSE GIVES BACK! Proceeds will go towards helping ARC and TFCG plant 1 million trees in Tanzania in partnership with the Earth Day Network […]

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Partner Spotlight: Earth Day Network and UNEP Billion Tree Campaign

If you’ve been following our Summer Giving Campaign then you’ve already heard the news that we’ve partnered with the Earth Day Network and the UNEP Billion Tree Campaign to plant one million trees in Tanzania with our field partner TFCG. We thought this would be a good opportunity to officially introduce you to our partners, give you more […]

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Canopy Chronicles: Biodiversity in the Eastern Arc

Noun: The variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem.

For over twenty years, ARC has been committed to preserving and protecting the Eastern Arc and coastal forests of Tanzania. One goal is to conserve these forests because they are home to local people whose culture and heritage is deeply rooted […]

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ARC’s Summer Giving Campaign

through August 31st  

We are over halfway to our $25,000 fundraising goal, including $11,000 raised at our Summer Party last week! Funds will help support the planting of 1 million trees in Tanzania this year alone (10 million trees planted during the past 20 […]

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