The “V” Word: Life as a Bacon-Loving Vegetarian

I’m a vegetarian.  

Cue the collective eye roll, and the pause as you wait for me to lecture you on the atrocities of the meat industry, and the benefits of “clean living,” now that I’ve taken this selfless, meatless, tasteless road. And here we go…. just kidding!

If it comes up in conversation, people […]

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What’s the story behind Captain Planet?

When the dream of a 60’s hippie dressed up in 80’s gear was created, what was going on in the producer’s minds? Why couldn’t they have created another brooding, angry superhero whose parents died in a tragic accident that he must avenge? Why not make another biochemically-mutated creature who started as an underdog […]

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Our Greatest Resource

Two days ago, I feared for my life in a way that reverberated back to the genes of my Neanderthal ancestors. Opening up my back door to a wind that had lost its senses and a flash of lightning followed by a commanding boom of thunder, I paused as a fear gripped me […]

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