Partner Spotlight: Cliffton Dry

In the spotlight this month is Cliffton Dry, a New York based company that organically produces it’s sparkling wine, made with fresh apples. Cliffton Dry is the official alcohol sponsor of the 24th annual Artists for Africa benefit this year at Tribeca Rooftop on Wednesday, April 22, 2015!

Founder, Shelagh D’Arcy Hinds, a South African, took […]

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LivingSocial Partners with ARC on Kikomolela Village Health Clinic

ARC is excited to announce its newest partnership with LivingSocial. Read on to learn how LivingSocial members will summit Mount Kilimanjaro this June in an effort to raise funds to support the construction of our health clinic project in Kikomolela Village, Tanzania. Can’t join the trip? You can still partner with us on this project by making a donation […]

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Partner Spotlight: Jolkona Foundation and the Ripple Effect of Philanthropy

A partner since 2009, the Jolkona Foundation believes in low-cost, high-impact philanthropy. With projects ranging from building energy efficient stoves in Nepal, to providing education to women in Afghanistan, to conserving the rainforests of Tanzania (that’s us!), Jolkona presents donors with a platform of accessible charitable projects around the world. Jolkona, meaning “drop of […]

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Partner Spotlight: Earth Day Network and UNEP Billion Tree Campaign

If you’ve been following our Summer Giving Campaign then you’ve already heard the news that we’ve partnered with the Earth Day Network and the UNEP Billion Tree Campaign to plant one million trees in Tanzania with our field partner TFCG. We thought this would be a good opportunity to officially introduce you to our partners, give you more […]

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Partner Spotlight: Tusk Trust

Protecting Wildlife, Supporting Communities, Promoting Education

The poaching crisis in Tanzania has put many of Africa’s treasured wildlife under great threat. In the past three years alone, nearly 800 African rhinos have been killed for their horns, which are thought to have medicinal purposes in some Asian countries. Unfortunately this crisis is nothing new for African […]

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Partner Spotlight: JILLY jellybug (win an anniversary t-shirt!)

ARC is excited to announce it’s newest partnership with JILLY jellybug®! JILLY jellybug’s line of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and children’s wear all feature adorable emblems of friendly rainforest characters: JILLY jellybug, GRACIE Glowworm®, PAVEL polliwog®, and GAMBA gorilla®. JILLY jellybug and her rainforest friends are on an amazing adventure to help save the rainforest and […]

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Partner Spotlight: Alex and Ani

Wear a bangle and support rainforest conservation

In the spotlight this month is Alex and Ani, a U.S. based company that creates unique jewelry made of natural and sustainable materials. Since April 1, 2008 ARC has partnered with Alex and Ani on their Tree of Life Expandable Wire Bangle through Alex and Ani’s Charity by Design collection, […]

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Partner Spotlight: Earth 3.0 Organic Wine

Did you know red wine can also be green? 

This month’s featured partner is Romero & Miller, a team of wine producers who take great pride in their 100 percent organic Spanish red wine. The company’s founders, Eric Miller and Ramon Romero, launched Romero & Miller in 2007 with the mission to create a red wine […]

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